Step 1: Create a Site

Above: example creation for the domain 

By entering your URL and clicking on "create", will generate a preview of your optimized website. With this preview you will be able to see and test the optimizations made by Please note: Your actual website will not be affected at this step.

Step 2: Test your Site

Above: Find your preview URL

By clicking on your preview URL (ending with "") you can see and test the optimizations made by as mentioned before. You can now for example check if the images on your website are displayed correctly or if your navigation or online shop still works fine. In the optimizations menu, you can change the default settings. 

Simply turn features on and off and experience the impact on your website.

Please note: The more learns about your site, the better the optimization result will be. Therefore, to get optimal results in your testing, you may want to reload the preview page multiple times. For the same reason, when you change settings, you might want to delete the cache for your site. Go to Maintenance → Flush Cache and click on "clear everything". That way, will learn the new settings and how to apply them in the best way.

If you are satisfied with the result, let's prepare to go live by clicking on "Prepare DNS change". Please note, that your preview URL will become inaccessible.

Step 3: Change your DNS

In order to activate for your live domains (e.g. you have to change their DNS records accordingly. 

This step is carried out at your DNS/domain provider.

The recommended setup is: CNAME A A

See DNS Configuration for more options (such as TLS versions or EU hosting).

All AAAA records (for IPv6 addresses) should be removed.

Please note that the DNS change can take between hours and a full day to become active, depending on your DNS/domain provider. Your website stays online during this time!

Let's Encrypt certificates will be issued within minutes after the DNS change. Therefore it is unlikely that users will see any certificate issues during the change.

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