Our free optimization analyzer will show you how much faster your website can become by using wao.io to optimize.

You can test any URL and check your optimization potential for desktop and mobile devices. 

How it works

When you click on "analyze", a real web browser visits your site and analyze it.
A typical optimization setup will then be used to compare the original data to the optimized version. This setup is used to optimize all content which is larger than 5K, thus ignoring most external tracking services.

The screen resolutions used are 1600 x 1200 pixels (for desktop) and 375 x 667 pixels (for mobile).

The tests will be repeated several times to calculate the average amount of transferred data.

How to turn your analyzer results into a working preview setup

You can easily use the analyzer setup to create your optimized website.
First you have to register or login. 

If you have a dedicated login during the private beta program, please make sure to use the email address that was granted access to the beta login. 

After the first registration, you may also have to confirm your login by clicking on the link the email sent to you.

After successful login, use the analyzer and type your domain (like www.example.com) and and click on "analyze". After the analyzis has finished, click on "create preview site", and a preview site will be created which you can configure and test inside your dashboard.

Check your domain configuration, delete third party domains that don't belong to you (like analytics.external-service.com) and add subdomains that are missing (like blog.example.com). Ready to go!


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