Let's Encrypt is a program, a certificate authority, but above all: a movement. Its aim is to make the web more secure for everyone by providing free and fast generated SSL certificates. Being part of this movement, wao.io offers their customers the most up-to-date TLS/SSL protection by Let's Encrypt: domain-validated, automatically generated and renewed, and free of charge.

Why use Let's Encrypt?

If you're not yet using an SSL certificate on your website, there are a lot of benefits to gain: TLS/SSL will make communication on your website safe, which is especially important when dealing with customer data. Users will recognize this, as modern browsers give them a warning when submitting unsafe data, so they will put more trust in your website once it's using HTTPS, resulting in rising conversion rates.
Even Google will notice, since it favors TLS/SSL protected websites in their ranking. Did we mention, that it's for free?

If you're already using an SSL certificate on your website, you can easily switch to the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate we provide. Let's Encrypt certificates are automatically generated and renewed, so you don't need to worry about it anymore. They are also for free, so here's a little treat for your bottom line. However, if you do wish to keep your existing SSL certificate (e.g. when depending on a validation other than domain-validation, like organization and extended validation), just contact us and we'll set it up for you.

How does it work?

The setup for your Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is part of the process of going live. Before you go live, we recommend that you test your website in Preview Mode extensively. Once this is all done, enable "Use HTTPS with a Let's Encrypt certificate" in the Settings form. After clicking "Save Domain", you will receive an error message until the DNS change is being made.

Along with this error message, you will receive a yellow highlighted information that reads "Let's encrypt certificate could not be obtained for example.org, using dummy certificate" (with example.org being the placeholder for your domain name) followed by a "RETRY" button. Click this button, when the DNS change is succsessfully done and the below error message disappeared. wao.io will then launch the Let's Encrypt script that orders the certificate from the Let's Encrypt CA. If you're interested in how Let's Encrypt handles this process, check out the graphically explained how-to on their website.

Will Let's Encrypt certificate renewals still work for my origin after I switch my domain to wao.io?

Yes. It will work out of the box. wao.io will forward all Let's Encrypt challenge requests to your origin server with the exception of those needed to renew the certificate for your site in the wao.io platform.

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