Above: Date Range Seclection for Delivered Pages

Select the desired date range by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. The options are: last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks and current month. Your selection will effect all metrics on the analytics page.

Delivered Pages

Selecting a date range will generate a graph of page views and delivered pages on the left-hand side. The graph will update accordingly.

Above: Delivered Pages in Analytics Dashboard 

Down right you will find the number of delivered pages and page views of the selected date range.

  • Each HTML document that is delivered by wao.io counts as a delivered page. 

  • Each delivered page rendered in the browser counts as a page view

Above: Detailed graph information 

Get detailed information of a certain time by pointing the mouse on the graph. 

Traffic Savings

Find out how much traffic you save with wao.io.

Above: Traffic Savings example

  • The blue bar in the middle indicates the overall network traffic that would have occurred without wao.io in the selected time frame (3.4 GB in the example).

  • On the left-hand side you'll find the traffic savings served to clients: wao.io reduced the traffic by 71.3 %. Instead of 3.4 GB only 971.8 MB have been served to clients.

  • On the right-hand side you'll find traffic savings loaded from the origin server: wao.io reduced the traffic by 88.6 %. Instead of 3.4 GB only 385.2 MB have been loaded from the origin server.

Unique Users

Above: Unique Users example 

The number of unique users that have visited your site is displayed as a graph that tells you which days were the strongest or the weakest for your business.
To give a better understanding the numbers are aggregated to an average per day.
In case you choose the range Last 24 hours, the timeline is more detailed and shows you the exact numbers for each hour. That way you can identify which hours of the day are the most important for your business.


Page view(s) by the same user form a session. The maximum duration of a session is two hours whereat two page views within one session have to happen during 20 minutes. All Sessions for the selected date range are summed up to the total number.

Median Length

wao.io tracks how many page views form a typical session. Bounced sessions are excluded.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate indicates how many sessions ended directly after the first page view.


Above: wao.io's health metrics

Median Load Time

The load time is measured from the moment the user navigates to the site until the site is fully loaded (DOM complete). wao.io provides you with the median load time of your real users (expressed by page views)

Client Error Rate

wao.io tracks all client (JavaScript) errors. The error rate is calculated as the ratio between defective page views and the total number of page views.

Median Page Weight

The median page weight of all page views in kB (including all assets like images or script files that were needed to render the page).

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