To restore the normal function of an affected site, here are the steps to be taken for the different error codes.

1000 - "ConfigurationError"

This error is the fallback for all configuration errors that are not covered by a more specific error code. If you see this error, you should contact us via

1002 - "DomainNotConfigured"

This error occurs when trying to request URLs from domains that are not known to

Make sure every domain is configured in your site settings before switching the public name service (DNS) to . Don't forget to add configurations for subdomains if necessary (e.g. configure in addition to

After you added a domain to your site configuration, this error should disappear within a few seconds.

1003 - "ProtocolNotConfigured"

This error occurs when trying to request HTTPS URLs if the HTTPS protocol is disallowed in your site settings .

When configuring the respective domain in your site settings, make sure to allow HTTPS for frontend connections:

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