Step 1: Log In and open Settings for existing Site

Above: example configuration for the domain 

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Domain (where browsers connect to)

  • enter/verify your frontend domain (e.g.

Origin (where connects to)

  • enter your origin domain’s IP address (e.g.
  • Note: If your IP is likely to change (e.g. due to cloud hosting), use a subdomain instead of an IP address. Therefore, create another subdomain at your DNS/domain provider as origin hostname for For example: create  for your domain  (both domains should have the same A Record or CNAME ) and configure the site settings in your dashboard as follows:

TLS/SSL Certificate

  • we automatically enable SSL with Let's Encrypt for your domain
  • If you want to use your own certificate, please contact our team via Chat or Email:

Save your settings by clicking SAVE SITE before proceding with Step 2.

Step 2: Change the DNS target for your domain 

To go live please change the DNS record for your domain (e.g. at your DNS/domain provider. 

Option A: highest compatibility

Configure your domain in your DNS server as CNAME to . For a First Level Domain (e.g. , without www. ) you cannot use CNAME. Instead, replace your existing A-Records with two A-Records for the IP addresses and

Option B: modern TLS settings

In your DNS server, set your domain as CNAME to  or for First Level Domains as A-Records to and .

In both setups, please remove all AAAA with IPv6 addresses.

Please note that the DNS change
can take up to 36h to become active, depending on your DNS/domain provider. Your website stays online during this time! If you enabled the Let's Encrypt option for your domain, the certificate will succeed after the DNS change. 

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